New generation of fabric exhibition stands

Traditional banner stands will no doubt always have their place and printing companies will continue to offer a wide range of them but they do suffer from a couple of obvious drawbacks. Firstly they are a victim of their own success – you see them everywhere and your message can get lost in a forest of similar displays.

Secondly the print can quite soon begin to look a bit tired. The good news is that the ever-increasing range of fabric exhibition stands offers a great alternative to standard pop-ups and banner stands. Here are some good reasons why;

More arresting and longer-lasting

Fabric exhibition displays are still new and different and come in a wide variety of eye-catching shapes. They are much harder to damage with no need to worry about creasing or ripping and will look their vibrant best time after time. Should the worst happen (and exhibition halls can be a demanding environment) fabric displays are fully machine washable. So fabric displays won’t need to be replaced as often. They could save money and get a lot more attention.

More compact equals more impact

Because cloth folds and rolls up tightly, size for size fabric displays are around a third of the size and weight of a conventional display stand when packed.

Is fabric print really as good as traditional print?

The answer is yes. Better even. Fabric print has a wider colour gamut than conventional graphic print and, on close inspection, has a feel of sheer quality. Now that it has become affordable, it is becoming more and more the norm, especially in retail situations. You will certainly have seen printed fabric graphics but probably won’t have realised.

More sustainable

Being both longer lasting and, unlike conventional print, able to be fully recycled, fabric displays are the greener choice as well.

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